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Heading to the US!

Commission till Minimumtalent på FA. :)
Och inte nog med det, här kommer en sketchdump, *episk trumvirvel*:
Och imorgon är min sista dag på jobbet innan semestern! :D Så det kan hända att det blir lite glesare med updates eftersom jag kommer att ha limited acces till nätet större delen av tiden.
På tisdag åker jag ju västerut, till the home of the donut, the epic land on the other side of the world (nästan).. Thats right, I'm going to AMERICA!!!!
Ses på ComicCon! :DDDDDD


Anonymous said…
ja jillar de söte kattera nere te vänster i hörne. de e rolige.
Hedvig said…
Tak so micket! :)
I can't understand most of your blog entries, but I did read one thing: "Comic con"! The San Diego one, you going? :D I'll be there too.
Hedvig said…
Lester: Yeah, sorry about that, I've actually been thinking about switching language on at least a few blog entries since I know I have a few international readers. We'll see. :)
And I am going to San Diego comic con indeed! Probably hanging around the Boom!-booth trying to get the latest issue of Ducktales with Gizmoduck. XD Are you gonna have a booth? :)
Karrey said…
ooh, ha en jättehärlig semester. :D Och ha det så fint i USA! (helt underbara bilder btw. Jättefin mjuk färgläggning <3)
Anonymous said…
stay away from the chili cheeeeese!!!
more hazardous than heroin

ps väldigt fina skisser och teckningar ha en kul resa
LLToon said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
LLToon said…
I also watch you on DA! :D Your art's amazing, especially how you draw your men and women!
Hedvig said…
LLToon: Thank you very much! :) I really like the stuff you have on your blog as well!

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