Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home again!

Just came back from one of the best vacations I've had this far in my life! :) San Diego was a blast, and so was Comic Con! BTW; noticed anything different about this blogpost? -yes, it is in english, indeed! :) I figured since most of the persons mentioned in this post are english-speaking people, I should make myself understandable for them as well. :3
Convention Centre, where all the magic took place(!!!) It was big and huge and gigantic! (and pretty cold too, that aircondition must've been set on zero, cuz I remember freezing each time I went in) :P

The crowd being crowded. It was alot of people, but everyone I met was really nice and just as much into the geeky stuff as I was. :3
The obligatory "hi-i'm-a-tourist-shot". SMILE! :D
The view from mine and Jockes hotel. It was kinda foggy here since the shot was taken in the morning.

I met the amazing Sean Galloway (aka Cheeks-74) and bought a copy of one of his artbooks. :)

I asked Chris Sanders to personalize the signed sketchbook that I bought. *is fangirl*

Johane Matte, one of the awesome storyboard artists for "Avatar -the last airbender" during the Avatar-fan-gathering that I went to. :3

And, this is some of the stuff I and Jocke bought. All in all, I spent over two months sallary's during this week. ^^' But it was worth it all! :D
Some more stuff that I got. :) The "TopCat"-comic was a gift from the awesome Karl-Erik.
I wanted to put up a fullblown picture of all the american candy that I got too, but it seems most of it is already.. gone... :S (I'm so sorry Joakim, I ate all the York's...) But anyway, this is what is left...
I found the "Swedish fish"-one really funny. Seems a bit tropical, I'm kinda wondering where the torsks and the aborres are? :P


Martin R said...

Ooh, jag gillar Sean och Chris. Du frågade inte om det är mer Kiskaloo på gång?

Lester DiLorenzo said...

Wonderful! I was there too, and it was just fantastic! I also got the same Chris Sanders sketchbook, autographed, too! I was so happy they weren't over expensive.

Malcolm said...

Looks like you had a better time than I did. I didn't get a chance to see Chris Sanders, because I knew the line would be immensely long. Still it was nice meeting you there, even if it was out of the blue.

Anders said...

Vilken härlig resa! Roligt. Kul att läsa om. Tycker det skulle va kul att komma dit nån gång. Tills dess får jag väl läsa din blogg... :)

Hedvig said...

Martin: Tyvärr, det var en hel del folk där, kom inte åt att fråga. :/ Men man kan ju hoppas, han hade en del nya prints. :)

Lester: Me too! Hope you had a great time! :D

Malcolm: Try to catch Chris next year if you're going, cuz the line actually moved quite fast. I didn't have to wait that long. :) Really nice meeting you too!

Anders: Det är kul och värt varenda öre! :) Jag har redan börjat spara till nästa gång.

Firespettan said...

I wish I could be with you )':

Du har haft riktigt roligt där, förstår jag ;) Dreglande över alla planscher med Avatar filmen (The Last Airbender) som ska komma på bio? Jag såg en hel del sådan nu när jag var I London.

Karl-Erik said...

Lita på att din tolkning av "Top Cat" kommer att läggas upp vad det lider (det kommer för övrigt hela skissboken: Shaw!, Conner, Sinkievizc, Dodson m fl). Förresten allihopa som läser här; Adam Hughes (ja, 'den' Adam Hughes) kommenterade "Nice!" när han såg vad Hedvig åstadkommit! Det ni!
Här är på förekommen anledning min tolkning av receptet på Mai-Tai: http://www.unigas.nu/Blog/post/Drinkar-for-den-som-vill-vara-markvardig-vid-bardisken-del-2.aspx
Du är pretty awesome yourself, girl! Tack för att du och Joakim gjorde en bra vecka ännu bättre!

Madde said...

Bwaaa jag vill oxå dit!! :D Sjukt awesome ju att träffa Chris Sanders!! XD Omg va avis jag blir hahaha! Well awesome att du hade det nice iaf ^^.

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