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No art

"What?! No art?" No, I say. Instead I give you photos today. :) And look! I'm even writing this entry in english! Yay! :D

...I'm not a very good photographer. o___O This is just stuff that I found in my camera. But I found some of the subjects quite funny in a WTF?!-kind of way, while others, like this one right below, is quite sad.
This cd was lying outside the door to the apartmentbuilding where I live. I really wonder what went wrong in that relationship. :S
This is from a local bakery here in Gothenburg. It's probably ment to be serious. I find the name rather unappropriate though. XDXDXDDDD
Not to mention this bubblegum that I found in Malmö. XD It's apparently liquid-filled too. (At least that's what is says on the cover, I haven't tried it yet though.) XD
And this one is rather interesting... A statue that can be found in front of an old library in Gothenburg. I'm trying to figure out the thoughts behind it. "Well, lions are cool. And so are women and birds. I know! We'll make a lion with one paw and wings, and two silicon-boobs!"
Well, that's it for this time. Now I'm off to bed. :)


Maria said…
Skulle tro att det bageriet använder mycket säd i sina recept.

Hedvig said…
Haha ja, så mycket så det gör ont! XDDDD
Seriemördaren said…
Men det är ju Cumpanis! Trogen kund :D

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