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Combination of art

I finally got the permission to show some of the art that I've done at work! So here are a few screengrabs from the games I've worked on that have been released. Artwork done by me, buttons by Jay. ^^

The top-screen for the game named "Don Quijote". This was one of my first projects at Combination, done back in 2009. Rights are reserved to them. ^^

Interface for "Wolf Pack". Interfacebuttons and Royals (A, K, Q, J, 10) where done by Jay.

Topscreen for WolfPack. Also made back in 2009. Rights reserved to Combination AB.


Seema Virdi said…
really neat! beautiful work! :)
Hedvig said…
Thanks both of you! :3
Leah said…
åh gud, jag är kär i vargbilden längst ner!
Hedvig said…
Tack! :) Kul att du gillar!

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