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A post dedicated to unicorns. C: So, have some unicorns!


Two versions of the same pic. The one below is the original color-scheme. Zombie/Vampire/Random evil girl with very big teeth. Thought I'd do something halloween-ish since it's Halloween soon. ^^


Nyaaw! :D
Tack till Fredrik för länken!

Excited doggie! :)

Came back from a trip from Stockholm just about now. Big stuff is happening in my life atm! :) I don't know what I can and can't tell yet, so at this point I'm just gonna give you all an excited doggie! :D



My old Moleskine-wannabe-sketchbook is full, so I decided to scan the sketches that I liked the best and put together this. :) Some Leyendecker-studies, fishies and coffee-doodles of peoples backs. I get a lot of backs when I go out doodling people. o___O

And a random color-experiment. ^^

Don't tell me it's another headshot?!

It has been waaaay too many headshots on this blog lately! o___O I will do better, I promise!
Um... starting tomorrow. Here, have some more headshots. X)

Did someone say SPIDEY?!

Ehm.. I'm obsessed with Spiderman atm. Spidey in the bg is stolen from here.
Not entirely happy with the face, but practice is practice so... Constructive critique is more than welcome! :)

Unfinished foot.

Jag är väldigt inspirerad av Cheeks för tillfället! :)


Figursdesignskisser till ett illustrationsjobb jag gjort nyligen. ^^

Och en close-up på ett gammalt koncept från 2010. :)


Efter att ha jobbat hela dan så belönade jag mig själv... med att jobba lite mer. :) Emma o Sara, det var ett tag sen man ritade dem. ^^


I rewatched the Spiderman-movies a few days ago so I had to doodle spidey. :) His foot looks weird.