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Hrrm, I think this page needs some backstory to make any sense. XD I had a big wave of inspiration last night and drew this just for the fun of it. And I reused Constantin in the last panel cuz I'm lazy. Anyway, (Ron, the blonde guy) is roomate with Constantin (brunett dude). They aren't very rich and paying the rent is a problem at times. And the fact that Ron's attitude sometimes drives Constantin crazy does not help. To solve all this, Constantin decides to let Zeke move in. Zeke likes to do pranks and has a bit of an attitude himself. Ron can't stand this. It's building up for disaster... XD
Anyway, I just wanted to get the dialog for this particular scene down on paper. :) I'll probably not get the time to finish it.. :/


Veronica said…
Du har alltid så snygga och uttrycksfulla minspel på dina karaktärer!
Hedvig said…
Tack så mycket! <333
Karrey said…
Älskar Constantins uttryck i sista rutan. XDXD
- T.W - said…
Haha, aww hade varit så coolt att se ett helt 'zine med dina karaktärer i huvudrollerna, de är awesome~
Så mycket inspiration, så lite tid... TwT

// - T.W -
Hedvig said…
Tack så mycket! Kul att ni gillar! <333

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