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A collection of my images here on the blog, scrapbooked together. :) Nothing new really, except the bag. ^^ And this girl:


Mariana Moreno said…
Hey, Hedv! :D :D

Just dropped by to thank you for your comment at my "Alquimia" piece :3 I'm SO glad you liked it T____T

And I also wanted to apologize since I had to temporarily delete the post, it needed some adjustments n__n' Hence, I couldn't publish your comment :( But I read it, and I really appreciate it X3

Anyway, I ***LOVE*** your new stuff, as always.

Huge hugs! :D
Hedvig said…
Heya! :D
No problem! I really liked it and I'm looking forward to see it again once it's ready to post! :3

And thank you so much!! It means a lot coming from you! <333

Huge hugs!!

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