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A furry dude. I blame the sugar. I've been eating a lot of it today. First a small cupcake for breakfast, then another cupcake at work, and now I can't stop myself from emptying a box of chocolate that I found at home. o___O

...I can't help but think that this dude looks familiar somehow... I hope I'm not unintentionally copying an already existing pic somewhere. ^^'
Anyway, now I'm off to kill some zombies in L4D!


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Joakim said…
It could be considered to have a slight, slight resemblance to the main character in Jak & Daxter - maybe that's what's echoing in the back of your mind?

Nice work either way!
Hedvig said…
Ha! That might actually be it! ^^
Och tack så mycket! :) Kul att du gillar!

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