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Devils Attourney Review

One of the games that me and some colleagues worked on has now been reviewed on Maclife!
Go check it out! :)
Oh, and here's some new art as well! ^^ It seems I'm on a roll right now; I can't stop doodling! :)

I had no idea what to do with her arms, and neither did she, therefore the pose. I ended up liking the sketch better than the finished image. It happens to me sometimes, it's annoying. X)


Göran Semb said…
I almost always think sketches look better than the finished art -- very few inkers, or even people inking their own work, manage to convey the liveliness of original sketching. (Even coloring needs to be pretty darned good to improve upon a good sketch.)

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I'm rarely uploading art here anymore, but figured I'd post a little something to keep my page here at least a little bit up to date. :)