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Busy as usual

Did I say I was busy? Cuz now I'm crazy-busy! o___O I guess it's because Christmas is around the corner, which is awesome, but the weeks before that tend to be the busiest time of the year for me. I wrote down a list of stuff that I need to get done before the holidays, and it turned out to be almost as long as the one on the image posted above... ^^'

That image is the cover art that I did for this year's edition of "Stora Julkrysset" btw. It was done way back in June.

Man, this year has gone by fast! Feels like 2011 was yesterday, and now it's 12-12-12...


Hedvig said…
Hahaha! OMG, vilken awesome mashup!! XDDD Visade den på jobbet idag, den blev mycket uppskattad!

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I'm rarely uploading art here anymore, but figured I'd post a little something to keep my page here at least a little bit up to date. :)