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Rough animation

So I had a fight with Flash today. After working with it almost an entire day, it corrupted the file I was working in. The last file restoration was made five hours earlier, which essentially meant five hours of work - gone. Thank you Flash...
However, I decided to become friends with the program again and to practice animation. So I did this rough animation draft that I plan on finishing someday.
Feedback on how to improve it is always appreciated!


Karrey said…
Coool! :D Looking really good!
I am not very good with horse anatomy, so I can't comment much on the mechanics XD But I feel like there might be a need of an extra anticipated pose before the horse "arcs" with its head and runs off!
Otherwise, super cool! More Hedvig animations! <3
Wow grymt! Fan va du kan! <3
Hedvig said…
Karrey: Tack så mycket! Har lagt till en antic nu precis innan hästen svänger huvudet. Good feedback! I appreciate it! <3

Andrea: Tack så mycket! Kul att du gillar! <3

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