Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Freelance vacation

I have decided to take a freelance-vacation during June, July and August. I realized the other day that apart from my everyday work, I have always had at least one or in most cases multiple freelance projects going on during the evenings since January.
I am extremely grateful and happy that people like what I do and are willing to pay for my work, but at this point I just really want some time to draw my own stuff, and actually have free time when I have free time.

I'll be accepting new projects in September. ^^

Other than that, since I'm already typing I'm just gonna continue with some art related stuffs that I've been up to lately:

Had an art-class about figure drawing with Glenn Vilppu at work today. He's awesome! Made me realize that I seriously need to attend croquis more often. ^^' You can check out one of his tutorials on figure drawing here.

Also visited the new Sci-fi bookstore along with my fellow co-worker Kaeriya here in Gbg, and I can highly recommend that place! So many books, games, movies... A beautiful sight! *u*


Karrey said...

Good decission! :) And so cool you got to see Vilppu again! <3 Karrey

Hedvig said...

:D He's really great and I can highly recommend his classes to any artist I know! :3
Hope all is well with you btw! <3

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