Wednesday, June 12, 2013


It looks like I might've found a new favourite place to post my art. This time it's called Instagram! 
However, I'm still quite fond of blogger, so don't worry, I'll hang around here too. :3
Here's some recent artwork that I've been sketching lately. I bought myself a new sketchbook recently and it is huge! The top image is the first drawing I did in it. 


Andrea Femerstrand said...

Så gryyymt. Har du en watercolor moleskine också? Jag har precis klickat hem en! Ska bli kul att testa ^^

Hedvig said...

Tack! <333
Tyvärr inte, men jag vill införskaffa mig en vid tillfälle. :) Du får skriva en review av den när du provat! ^^ Den här boken köpte jag på TGR för 70:-

alexpal said...

Great, sketches, all of them! In particular I find the first two very appealing to me, most be the feeling or somethimgin them, specially the one in watercolors cause is my favorite illo technique.

Best wishes!

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