Monday, October 7, 2013

Bookfair and 24h-comic day

So the bookfair is over for this year, and it was a blast as it usually is. ..Actually it was over already last monday, but since I haven't had the time to write a new entry since then, I'll just do it now instead. :) Name-dropping-time!

The fair for me in a nutshell: I got to meet all awesome artists I knew from before and some new ones! One of the most exciting encounters I had was to say hi to Elin Jonsson! I've been admiring her art for quite some time, and based on our quick meeting I think she's an awesome person as well! Be sure to check out her stuff! :)

I also met Karl-Erik, and he asked me to draw a picture of Sabrina and her cat Salem in his sketchbook (containing drawings of a whole bunch of great artists!) that he'd brought along. ^^ My con-drawings usually tend to be a bit shaky, but I managed to finish the request and the result can be seen below. :)

 Bookfair comes along with a tradition of doing Göran Semb's "manhood"-test. (trying to resist being pushed backwards while your clavicle is getting crushed to pieces) I failed this year... but next year I'm bringing a hockey-outfit!

What else is going on at the moment? -Well, I did the 24h comic this weekend with Karrey and Kichisu which was awesome! I sadly didn't finish all the pages though. ^^' Admiration goes to Jennula who did them all, with shading, type and even some pages in color, like a boss! :)

I'm gonna wait with posting mine until I have all pages done. ^^ In the meantime, here's some other stuff:
 I'm currently trying to learn 3D, so I did this dog-dragon-thingy tonight to learn the tools and how they work. I figured starting with a fantasy-creature would be best, since there is no "right" or "wrong" in most of those cases and you can get away with quite a lot. (like those long random whiskers I just pulled out there from nowhere XD) We'll see how it goes when it comes to modelling something from a sketch. I believe that's where the real challenge is, at least for me. But so far it's been really fun, and as long as it's fun I think it's going to be easy to learn. :)

Annnnd last but not least, I decided to make a re-vamp of some of my first characters ever! (I think me and the-Starcow came up with them when we were six-seven-ish?) It was basically a story taken straight from The Lion King and 101 Dalmatians. The grey-kitty (called Ludde) was the main character, and the yellow kitty on the right was his girlfriend Melly. Drawing these guys brings back so much nostalgia and good memories. :) Might do more of them someday.


Maria said...

Haha jag funderade själv lite på Melly och Menelisa häromdagen och tänkte att jag skulle ta och försöka göra ett par skisser. Det här är väl ett omen att jag borde göra det omedelbums!

Hedvig said...

Vad kul! Det borde du definitivt göra! <333

Karl-Erik said...

Tack än en gång, Hedvig! Sabrina regerar! För övrigt förlorade jag ju också mot Göran Semb fast jag har en erkänt hög smärttröskel...

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