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Last post of 2013

2013 sure went by fast!
Looking back at it now, I have to say it turned out to be a good one!

I had a lot of freelance-work, which was fun! I did reach a point in June when I needed a break from it all though, due to other events occuring. Picked it up again after the summer and I've been sketching happily ever since.

Some of the highlights: In August, a game that I art-directed for my day job at NetEnt, Magic Portals, was released and became a success! Legend of Korra was released, which makes a fangirl like me happy! ;) My Instagram-account got some of my biggest art-idols such as Fransisco Herrera, Sean Galloway and J. Scott Campbell as followers, which blew me away! And speaking about followers, both there, on DevArt and here: I've gotten so many sweet, thoughtful and constructive supporters during this year, and I am so grateful for that!
Thank you all!
Happy New Year! Let it be a good one! 

Last but not least, here are my last pieces of artwork from 2013:


abhishek singh said…
Enjoyed your ArtWork a Lot...!!!
Hope to see more of it in the coming year...!!!
Happy New Year #2014.
Hedvig said…
Thanks so much! Glad to hear! :D

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