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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Some recent releases

Some of the games/books that I've worked on recently has now reached their respective release-dates, so I thought I'd share them in case anyone of you are curious about what I've been up to lately. ;)
A bit late, but Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the horse, so to celebrate that, Ovipets has just released a horse-specie, drawn by me. Go check them out!  :)

And I just saw that one of the games I worked on at my day job is on Youtube now! 
It's called Wonky Wabbits;

Last but not least; a book where I plotted the story together with Joakim just arrived from the printer;
The art was done by the super talented fellows Lars Bällsten and Bernt Hanson! 

Nervous and excited at the same time to see how all this is received by the respective players/readers, but I'm hoping people will enjoy it. :)

Now, I'm off to do even more work! Got a lot of projects going on at the moment, some of which I hope to reveal soon, so stay tuned! 

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