Saturday, May 10, 2014

SPX/SIS coming up! Here's what I'll bring! :D

Less than a week left til SPX/SIS now and I'm starting to get nervous. ^^' Excited, but nervous. 
Haven't had a table since 2011, and I haven't drawn comics in quite a while either. Now, I'm doing both!
My table will be located here:
So if you happen to be in Stockholm between 17-18th of May, come by Kulturhuset and say hello. ^^
I'll be selling a fanzine called "The Daring Duo": 
And a little Minecraft-anthology I did together with Maria, called "Artblock": 
(Maria is also selling the third part of her fanzine called Aethor Theories over at her table! (table H76!) 
Don't miss it!)
I will also sell Karrey's fanzine  called "The Din" at my table! :)
PS. Joakim will probably also have something on the table. If I know him right, he'll probably finish it up the very last minute.
While you're at the fair, don't forget to check out the new Daniel Ahlgren-album called "Igår, Idag och Imorgon blir aldrig mer som förr" that Apart will be selling it at their table (table H20). Me and Joakim have drawn a comic in it. ^^
Hope to see you all at the fair! 


Karl-Erik said...

Var där eller var fyrkantig som Richie Cunningham brukade säga!

Hedvig said...

Precis! :)

Choiicho said...

Halloj! :D
Kul att du fick bord! ^^ Du får spara ett fancin till mig om dem går åt fort. Haha! Kommer förbi och säger hej och köper fancin av dig! :D

/choiicho (madde)

Anders S. said...

Synd att jag inte kunde vara där i helgen... Hade varit inspirerande och också roligt att säga hej och köpa din fanzine. :) Får satsa på att komma nästa år och kanske att du är med på någon mer mässa framöver?

vänlig hälsning

Mokuu said...

Must order it all onliiiiiiiiiine !

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